The range of materials is enriched by various types of materials and sizes and also by various surface finishing techniques. Special and appreciated processings allow C.M.C. to constantly evolve in the semifinished products market, thus offering the possibility to increase turnover as well as experience. The industrial structure is able to satisfy the constant evolution of themarket of perforated and expanded metal sheets.


Upstream and downstream of the production plants, there is a production technology, developed in-house, which allows C.M.C. to constantly monitor and organize in a thoroughly automated manner the clients' orders, managing to process the requests in very short time.


Expanded metal


Expanded metal

The expanded metal can be produced in different materials, in rolls and in sheets, in stan [...]

Round mesh
Expanded metal

The expanded metal with round mesh is produced with the same system of the square or diamo [...]

Square mesh
Expanded metal

Expanded metal with square mesh is produced in different types of materials and sizes. The [...]


Perforated metal


Round hole
Perforated metal

The most common perforated and microperforated metal is the one with round holes, normally [...]

Square hole
Perforated metal

These holes can be performed in a wide range of different types and layout. The holes can [...]

Embossed hole
Perforated metal

We produce some patterns of embossed perforations, which are used in various fields, such [...]


Special working


Calendering on perforated or expanded metal sheets

We can also supply perforated or expanded metal with calendering processing or with curvin [...]

Calendering and welding

Moreover, after the calendering stage, we can complete and provide the metal sheets with [...]

Perforated tubes in medium-high thickness

In the range of products we are able to produce, we have been specializing for a few years [...]

Metal sheet folding

It is possible to provide the perforated or expanded metal sheets with folds or shapes as [...]

Shearing on plastic coating

Not only we perforate metals or metal alloys, but we also transform sheets or coils of pla [...]

Shearing upon specification

Moreover, it is possible to perform medium-small sized shearings upon specification on all [...]