Known in the most important European markets

Today, C.M.C. is a company with a 6000 sqm factory that comprises one third of raw materials storage area and two thirds manufacturing divisions.
Thanks to its structure, the company played an important role not only in the Italian industry but also at international level; as a matter of fact, as much as 40% of its current production is allocated to the foreign market.

C.M.C. is constantly searching for innovation and quality, thus conferring to the company one of its major key strengths, being this the expression in the whole national and international market of perforated and expanded metal sheet production.

With a production capacity of about 1000 tons per year, C.M.C. is today serving various sectors such as Automotive, Filtration, Precision mechanics, Plant design, Construction, Furniture components, Medical sector and Industrial Equipments.

C.M.C.'s missions are constantly in progress, but, nowadays, the key strength of the company is that of involving Managers, Technicians, Workers, specialized in versatility and quality, leading values, which up to now have made our company a well-established name in the most important European markets.

The new production lines allow C.M.C. to constantly handle several tons of material. The company can now cover markets with customized and innovating solutions, to meet even the most different application needs, due to ongoig research aimed to ensure versatility and quality using cutting-edge equipment and materials.

One of the main strengths of C.M.C. is that of having a raw materials warehouse that together with modern and complete cycle cutting lines have lead to an ever greater acknowledgement of high production versatility and constant quality statement. The current cutting lines allow C.M.C. to cover the market demand, providing the type of supply that best suits each request.


Our mission




The range of products is enriched by various types of materials and sizes and also by various surface finishing techniques. Special and appreciated processings allow C.M.C. to constantly evolve in the semifinished products market, thus offering the possibility to increase turnover as well as experience.
The industrial structure is able to satisfy the constant evolution of the market of perforated and expanded metal.


Upstream and downstream of the production plants, there is a production technology, developed in-house, which allows C.M.C. to constantly monitor and organize in a thoroughly automated manner the clients' orders, also managing to process the requests in very short time.


The modern designed production lines, recently installed, assure a competitiveness and efficiency level, which turn into final product optimization and quality of the services, offered to clients. Completely automated, they assure precise processing tolerances, yet keeping the mechanical features of the materials unchanged.


The current technological level, pertaining not only to the production plants but to the entire C.M.C. headquarters, acts as a support to quality products and extraordinary versatility. The production of perforated and expanded metal requires an extremely delicate industrial approach. C.M.C. is one of the few realities, producing perforated and expanded metal, supported at 75% by state-of-the-art technology.
Nowadays, the constant research of new business sectors allowed C.M.C. to appraise its own products, thus achieving to cover markets, where additional processings are required. In the most different sectors, the company now obtained to set up , in an increasingly constant manner, new production lines, the latter with increasingly more technology supports. C.M.C. is now a reality, acknowledged in the industrial market and in constant evolution as to new production divisions.